Scott. A 

“I first used iobis building design in 2012 after several attempts with other local architects, my block was quite unique having a building envelope, bushfire zone and reasonable amount of fall”
“They were able to design a home based on all this and within the budget we had. the whole process was done in a very short timeframe to help us get started building sooner”

Garry. I 

“I have the had pleasure of working with iobis building design on 7 different projects over the past 6 years.  during this time I have used them to create plans for commercial factories, granny flats and several two storey renovations”
“They are approachable and professional and they make every process as easy and effective as possible”

Steve. H 

“I have worked with iobis building design for over six years. we have been involved in projects ranging from single dwelling houses through to twenty-six dwelling apartment blocks”
“Iobis always delivers their product well on time and they are always open to alternative solutions and suggestions”


Chris. Y 

“I have continued to work with iobis over all these years as I have found that they can assist with the design and builds of all styles of homes, from rural, coastal and suburbian to suit the client’s needs using the land to its best advantage for outlook, space and lifestyle”    
“Our working projects together are now in excess of 54 homes where iobis has not only designed; but also carried out all of the council’s requirements”